Ever since 10 year old Randy Schell "borrowed" the tape recorder his dad used to dictate engineering reports, he started learning about audio – and in the process, things he could do with his voice. By the age of 14 he´d convinced the local radio station to let him hang around to "help" and learn. And while most kids his age were still working a paper route, Randy was in demand voicing commercials and promos. Since then, he´s tackled just about every kind of audio project imaginable.

As an accomplished audio engineer, Randy knows the techniques necessary to get the right energy and nuance from the mic. And he continually works with the best coaches in the business to expand his skill set and perfect his craft. Randy has an ability you´ll find reassuring, along with an attitude and accessibility that´s incredibly refreshing.
Magic Egg Studio is Randy Schell´s personal recording and production facility.
His voiceover setup includes...

Neumann U-87
Sennheiser 416
Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Channel
Avalon Designs VT737sp

Source Connect, ipDTL, phone and Skype patch. ISDN available.