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A hybrid SoCal-Heartland Michigan-"Done Time in Texas" guy, Addy and Telly award winner Randy Schell brings the right amount of depth, energy, and emotion to any voiceover project – from weathered storyteller to hard-selling pitch man, straight forward technical tutor to flesh and blood guy next door, weaver of dark tales to light hearted comedian. Randy´s done national campaigns for Amdro, Seagate, the U.S. Air Force, HP, and Goodyear Aviation. He´s been the promo voice for radio and TV stations in Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Denver, Miami, Detroit, New Orleans, San Antonio, Austin, Salt Lake City, Tampa, and for the ABC Radio Networks.

Thanks for stopping by. Please check out Randy Schell´s demos and get in touch. You can find additional samples at the Facebook link below. Randy´s eager to bring his experience and skills to your next project.